We simplify your travel decisions so you can enjoy exploring the world together


Curiooso was created by avid travelers, for avid travelers. Among ourselves and our friends a pain point that always comes up is deciding where to travel and what to do there. We’ve been through the endless group chats, Facebook groups and spreadsheets.

So we got to thinking. Why does it have to be so complicated to decide on such a great experience? The answer is: it doesn’t. That’s why we created Curiooso.

We put the user first and believe in simplicity. For us, intuitive visual interactions are key. We are dedicated to providing you with a solution that not only is easy, but also fun to use.

So if you usually struggle to make travel decisions with your friends or family, give this visual method a try. Sign up above and join us!

The Curious Captains

Melissa Sävlind

Melissa Sävlind

CEO & always exercising

Alisson Goulart

Alisson Goulart

CMO & nature explorer

Fredrik Östling

Fredrik Östling

CTO & music producer

Mădălin Cosmin

Mădălin Cosmin

UX Designer & runner

What defines us the most

Our Values


Never stop exploring the world and seeking new perspectives.
Hunger to keep learning new things and improving.

User First

A good user experience is one that is effortless. Less is more.


Honest communication with everybody. Create solutions that sincerely improve travelers’ lives.

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